Tanga in the woods

Today was a good one. Sharing the ups and downs of families living with neurodiversity…I got the privilege of making magic happen with three Harry Potter broomsticks made by kids and their mams in the woods …my job was wafting them over the flames of the fire while the kids chanted abracadabra. ‘To put the magic in them’I received the gift of a wand (which turns people into frogs) wound with wool and carefully wrapped in kitchen towel. Then turned three people into frogs. 😁I happily fed 30ish hungry people with butties, crisps, biscuits and watermelon cut like lollipops. Kept a never ending supply of tea and coffee going .I had wonderful conversations about life, fire, home education, stress, the calmness of the woods and how being outside even in the rain was still good.I reconnected with folks I knew years ago from running woodcraft courses in Kielder. Very happy memories.I enjoyed mentoring two young forest leaders who worked hard making the day fun for the families and who created amazing connections with the children who attended today.I witnessed unfettered kindness, real support and acceptance and hopefully offered some from us too.A good day. Thank you for all that Katherine and gang. Big love and total respect.

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